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Come to our brand new cooking game to show us you excellent cooking skills. Today you will have the opportunity to cook with our kind grandma. Firstly, before cooking, you need to find all the cooking material we need to use in the kitchen and put them on the table one by one carefully. Then come to cut the cooking material like vegetable into small pieces and put them on the plates separately. Next step, you need to prepare the pizza base with yeast, sugar and flour. Wait several minutes to let the flour ferment. Then put the paste on the panel and make it flat and round shape with tools. Make some oil on the paste and wipe the iron plate with butter. Then put the paste in the oven. Several minutes later, get out the paste and make some tomato sauce and accessories that we have cut in the second step to decorate pizza. Put the pizza to the oven again to cook for several minutes. At last, take out the pizza and cut it into several pieces. Bring one piece of pizza to grandma and let her eat happily.

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